"P" Litter vom tapferen Herzen
Iris vom tapferen Herzen x Waldmann vom Liether-Moor

BORN Tuesday, March 29 @ 2:30 AM

11 puppies: 2 females and 9 males!
(5 braunschimmel, 6 schwarzschimmel)

10-days old | 3-wks old | 5-wks old | 7-wks old | 7 1/2-wks old | February 2012

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  Jasmine vom tapferen Herzen



Iris vom tapferen Herzen,
Schwsch, Wurfdatum 14.02.2005
VJP 73 pts, HZP 187 pts
ZR xxx/xx    sg (10) / sg (11)
HD-Frei, DNA tested clear for vWB and CHB
Iris's Ahnentafel


Waldmann vom Liether-Moor,
203 444 Brsch, Wurfdatum 18.05.2007
VJP 69 pts, HZP 226 pts,
VGP Prize I 324 pts TF
DGStB 59790, ZR# 008/07-II
Form/Coat sg (11)/v(12), Height/Length 66/67
Waldmann's Ahnentafel




Iris vom tapferen Herzen is a very sweet and happy female. Like most of her littermates she was biddable and easy to train. She hunts upland birds and waterfowl for her family, and handles easily for her young handler.


Waldmann vom Liether-Moor
VJP 69, HZP 226, VGP Prize I./324 TF.
BTR., VBR., Sj-DD, OCD-Frei

W Litter vom Liether-Moor: 2008 Best overall Litter in Group Schleswig-Holstein. All 8 dogs tested VGP. 6 with Prize I. 2 with Prize II. No Physcial faults. All dogs HD-frei.

Waldmann vom Liether-Moor
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Iris is a lighter framed female with a dense hard coat, and plenty of furnishings. Her disposition is terrific, and she seems to never meet strangers - human or animal!


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Waldmann vom Liether-Moor Waldmann vom Liether-Moor Waldmann vom Liether-Moor